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Welcome to Stunning Blog Imagery.

The course that will help you add flare to your blog, even if you don't have a tech background. Kendra runs a very popular fashion blog and is going to show you how she has amassed a large following by putting extra care and attention into the visual imagery on her blog. She's going to show you what tools she uses and how she does it on a budget.

When you enroll in this program, here is what you will learn...

  • Module One: Branding Yourself Online Through Images (25 minutes)
  • Module Two: How to Find Royalty-Free Images AND Avoid Fines (14 minutes)
  • Module Three: Photography Crash Course (66 minutes)
  • Module Four: Editing Photos Like A Pro For Free or Cheap (28 minutes)
  • Module Five: How to Optimize Your Images for Search Engines (15 minutes)
  • Module Six: How to Leverage Instagram For More Exposure (27 minutes)
  • Module Seven: Getting the Most Out of Pinterest (24 minutes)


What People Are Saying:

“Excellent tutorial on how color hits emotion and thanks for the extra download for future reference. Also great to see the before and after photos!”

Angela Wolf

“Excellent Tutorial! Kendra is very likable and as a seasoned Graphic Designer and Illustrator, she brought forth points I am always telling my clients. Not to use all different fonts, keep the site clean easy to read. People take seconds to make a decision to stay or leave a site. The comparisons are great. I especially liked her color analogy based on emotional response. There is reason sale signs are red. great job!”

Karen Ciocca

“Again, great content. I'm really enjoying this. My goal is to complete the whole course in a week! Pat on the back Kendra!”

Jackie Confrey

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